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Farah Al Sharq Company for general trading and contracting has specialized of various contracting , general trading , general transport , food processing , heavy equipment rental , providing specialist and provisional personal for any project , information technology human resources training and development / limited liability

Safety in our company

Use personal protective equipment and safety while working, and not underestimate its importance.

-Provide a first aid box at work sites in order to deal with minor injuries in a quick manner.

-Activating the concept of occupational safety within factories and facilities by finding an occupational safety supervisor who follows up on safety requirements that would limit many accidents.

– Focusing on raising the level of readiness of workers in factories and facilities by carrying out exercises that will give them sufficient experience on how to evacuate and deal with accidents if they happen.

– Coordination between employers or those in charge of them with the Civil Defense Authority for Occupational Safety and Health and the relevant authorities in this regard by holding courses for supervisors and workers that aim to provide a safe work environment for all.

-Working on issuing publications, posters and posters periodically and keeping abreast of developments in the work environment in the field of public safety, as these publications are considered necessary and important to educate workers and raise their awareness and thus reduce injuries in the work environment

General goals that we seek to achieve

1-Protecting the human element from injuries resulting from the hazards of the work environment by preventing them from being exposed to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

2- Preserving the components of the physical component represented in the installations and the devices and equipment they contain from damage and loss as a result of accidents.

3- Providing and implementing all occupational safety and health requirements that guarantee the provision of a safe environment that achieves protection from risks for the human and physical components.

We have the resources to prevent accident or injury

1-Proper and purposeful technical planning of the foundations of prevention in facilities.

2- Legislation stemming from the need to implement this technical planning