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Farah Al Sharq Company for general trading and contracting has specialized of various contracting , general trading , general transport , food processing , heavy equipment rental , providing specialist and provisional personal for any project , information technology human resources training and development / limited liability

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Our Services

All engineering and technical works to extend, connect and weld pipes of various kinds.

Providing and renting all heavy machinery and equipment (crane, hiab, Vacuum , Shuffle , …)

Supplying all the requirements of schools, colleges, health centers and hospitals.

Design and execution of various buildings the most important of which are the residential complexes, apartment buildings, schools, hotels, health centers, industrial compounds, the cooled and ordinary stores and sheds.

Supplying, installation and operation of electronic monitoring and protection systems (cameras), internet and communication systems

Construction of drinking water purification stations and supplying all their equipment.

Construction of heavy water and sewages pumping stations and supplying all their equipment.

Various road works including determination, leveling, paving and the works of central reservation and pavements

Supplying all kinds of building materials, devices, machinery, equipment and furniture.

-Design, execution and supply of fixed and mobile caravans and for various uses.

Supplying all the requirements of schools, colleges, health centers and hospitals.

Design and execution of heating and cooling systems and supply all their requirements including central cooling systems in various capacities and size.

Our equipment









Water Tank

Tipper Truck


Vacuum truck



Concrete Pump


We are pleased to express to you our full willingness and readiness to cooperate with you in executing all projects according to the technical specifications you require, as well as our readiness to supply you with all your needs of materials, devices, equipment , We also work within occupational safety standards for all procedures We are confident that you will find what we presented above is suitable to meet your needs and we look forward to the joint work for the future projects with you.

Safety in our company

-Use personal protective equipment and safety while working, and not underestimate its importance.
-Provide a first aid box at work sites in order to deal with minor injuries in a quick manner.
-Activating the concept of occupational safety within factories and facilities by finding an occupational safety supervisor who follows up on safety requirements that would limit many accidents.
– Focusing on raising the level of readiness of workers in factories and facilities by carrying out exercises that will give them sufficient experience on how to evacuate and deal with accidents if they happen.
– Coordination between employers or those in charge of them with the Civil Defense Authority for Occupational Safety and Health and the relevant authorities in this regard by holding courses for supervisors and workers that aim to provide a safe work environment for all.
-Working on issuing publications, posters and posters periodically and keeping abreast of developments in the work environment in the field of public safety, as these publications are considered necessary and important to educate workers and raise their awareness and thus reduce injuries in the work environment
General goals that we seek to achieve
1-Protecting the human element from injuries resulting from the hazards of the work environment by preventing them from being exposed to accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.
2- Preserving the components of the physical component represented in the installations and the devices and equipment they contain from damage and loss as a result of accidents.
3- Providing and implementing all occupational safety and health requirements that guarantee the provision of a safe environment that achieves protection from risks for the human and physical components.
We have the resources to prevent accident or injury
1-Proper and purposeful technical planning of the foundations of prevention in facilities.
2- Legislation stemming from the need to implement this technical planning

Within the safety system, the equipment and materials used in the pipeline laying process are fully commensurate with the required service and level of performance in accordance with the highest levels of safety and our procedures include the following: –
• Pipeline integrity with a pipeline inspection tool according to API 1163 or NACE SP 0102
• Pipeline integrity by pressure test according to API 1110, ASME B31.8, etc.
• Pipeline integrity by direct external oxidation assessment according to NACE SP 0502
• Pipeline integrity by direct internal oxidation assessment according to NACE SP 0206
• Pipelines remain robust and long-term in accordance with ASME B31G, API 579, ASME FFS, etc.
• Leak detection system according to API 1130, API 1175, TRFL, etc.
• Welding processes within API, 6G specifications


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